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Global Soldier Systems Market: Key Highlights

  • According to the new market research report Soldier Systems Market by Type (Vehicles, Systems, Communications, Sensors and Optics, Ammunition, Training Systems), by End-user (Military and Homeland Security), by Region (Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, South America) – Global Forecast 2018 to 2025”, the global Soldier Systems Market is estimated to reach USD 14.4 Billion by 2025 at a CAGR of around 7.6% during the review period.
  • These system carrier modular equipment’s can be used in multiple ways which and find applications in other branches of the military. Also, it enhances the operational abilities of a soldier during battle conditions.
  • The Soldier system includes equipment for dismounted soldiers for protection and efficiency during operations.
  • However, lack of military budget remain a major restraining factor for the growth of the Soldier Systems Market

Soldier Systems Market

Global Soldier Systems Market: Key Market Dynamics

  • Growing adoption of surveillance enhance the system with it’s the new IoT-based servable devices for the military purpose which will help to fuel the market growth.
  • Increasing demand of soldier modernization programs helps to enhance the increase protection, mobility, weapon use and autonomy.
  • Adoption of helmet mounted system help to boost the displaying targeting and aircraft performance information which will increase the situational awareness capabilities for foot soldiers.
  • Hence, the lack of clarity and technologies available about the product may hamper the growth of the soldier systems market.

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Global Soldier Systems Market: Regional Overview

  • North America

The soldier systems market in the North American region is projected to witness high demand due to the continue lead on performance of aircraft in the region.

According to the International Air Transport Association In 2019, the region is have net profit of USD 16.9 Billion and is projected to be USD 16.5 Billion by 2020. The region is witness to grow the capacity by owing to new aircraft deliveries which will boost the earning and profitability. However, the region is having a strong economics and structural improvement for the industries from any other region.

  • Europe

Owing to the rapid growth of the aerospace & defense industry in Europe, the demand for expected to increase. The defense industry in the region are cooperate for more innovative and technological adoption for the growth and development. Moreover, in 2014 the US has launched Operation Atlantic Resolve (OAR) which reassure the US allies in Europe, particularly those bordering Russia. Also, in 2018 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) defense minister ministers has agreed to which the Four 30s plan to enhance movement of troops in the region by 2020.

Global Soldier Systems Market: Key Players Overview

  • Thales Group:

Thales Group is a multinational company which design and build electric system and services for aerospace. The company is a global technology leader in transportation, aerospace and security. The company in the UK has developed unrivalled expertise for the delivery and growth of the product. The product of the company has been use in combat operations and also for the vehicle mounted close activity. In 2018, the company has signed an agreement with NASA for the unmanned systems control technologies.

  • Saab AB:

Saab AB is aerospace and defense company and provides global leading products, services and solution for the military activities. Also the new technology for the soldier system soldier are helping for the conducting task. In 2019, the company has signed a contract for the support of Germany combat training center Gefechtsübungszentrum Heer (GUZ). Also in 2019 the company has receives awarded for the contract for production multispectral static camouflage system for the Canadian Army.

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