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Global Software Defined Radio Market: Key Highlights

  • According to the new market research report Software Defined Radio Market by Type (JTRS, Cognitive Radio), by Component (Software, Transmitter), by Platform (Airborne, Naval, Land), by Application (Military, Space), and by Region (Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, South America) – Global Forecast 2017 to 2024”, the global Software Defined Radio Market is estimated to reach USD 21.5 Billion by 2024 at a CAGR of around 8.5% during the review period.
  • It’s is a system used for transmitting information wirelessly by means of electromagnetic radiations. Based on software-defined radio wireless communication protocol, it uses software on embedded or computer systems instead of using hardware components
  • One of the major advantages of SDR is that it can be easily reprogrammed and reconfigured through software which helps to configure radio according to the requirement of end-users.
  • Software defined radio is cost-effective technology with various advantages such as the reduction in development cost, time and cost of maintenance & operations, along with automatic software up-gradation amongst others.

Software Defined Radio Market

Global Software Defined Radio Market: Key Market Dynamics

  • Software defined radio has been advanced significantly owing to the need for advancement form various end-use industries. Advancement in hardware states that cost has been reduced while rising the performance level, which provides better access to the system to the end-users.
  • Military communication is dependent on clarity, adaptability, and speed. The discrepancy in any form of military communication will have dire consequences.
  • Technological advancement helps to improve the capabilities of software defined radio by ensuring connectivity in various territories which contributes towards situational awareness.
  • The software up-gradation is automatically done and new features are ben added. Thus, lower production cost with higher performance has surged the growth of product market.

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Global Software Defined Radio Market: Regional Overview

  • Asia-Pacific:

The Asia-Pacific is one of the major market for Software Defined Radio. Also, China is continue to innovative its UAV technology and one of the global leaders in the development of unmanned systems. With the growing technologies advancement and innovation in military and defense lead to increase the demand for the market growth.

Hence, India civil aviation and defense sector is growing rapidly which will lead to increase the market opportunities for the economic growth.

  • Europe

The region is taking initiative for the growing of aerospace and defense industries with the new technological developments. Also the European Secure Software Defined Radio project will enhance the communication of European Union and with different platform for secure military communication and transfer of data and voice. Moreover, it focus to technology adoption for the military radios in the region.

Global Software Defined Radio Market: Key Players Overview

  • BAE Systems:

BAE Systems is a multinational defense, security and aerospace company. Also its products and services in land, air and naval force and security, information technology and advanced electronic. In 2019, the company launched a general software defined radio (SDR) to advance the on-orbit reprogramming and flexibility. Moreover, in 2020 the company has announced the delivery of first shipment of its next generation radiation software defined radio (SDR) which has powered by RAD5545 computer to the Lockheed Martin Space.

  • Northrop Grumman:

The company is global aerospace and defense Technology Company. Also it deliver solution to the global and commercial customers. In 2019, the company partnership with Air Force Research Laboratory Sensor Directorate for the first Software Defined Radio (SDR) which is M-code which help to enable GPS receiver for the production capable hardware. Moreover, the SDR advance to reconfigure dynamically for the environment condition.

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