Process Analytics MarketΒ - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2020 to 2027

Global Process Analytics Market: Key Highlights

  • According to the new market research report Process Analytics Market by Deployment Type (On-Premises and Cloud), by Application (Business Process, Customer Interaction and Information Technology Process.), by Process Mining Type (Process Discovery, Process Conformance and Process Enhancement.), by Region (North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, South America) – Global Forecast (2020 to 2027)”, the global Process Analytics Market is estimated to reach USD 4.9 Billion by 2027 at a CAGR of around 48.2% during the review period.
  • The process analytics is use to enhance the efficiency of the process by eliminating the need for speculations. Also the analysis which helps to improve and enhance the performance as well as the operational activities
  • Moreover, it allows the user to take a smarter business decision which will lead to increase the demand of the market in the forecast period.

Process Analytics Market

Global Process Analytics Market: Key Market Dynamics

  • With the high adoption for digital platform is witness to increase scalability and performance of the market in the forecast period.
  • The process helps to provide a clear picture of the organization on the customer and user behavior. As well as it used by various organization for the measuring, collecting and analyzing the qualitative and quantitative data.
  • One of the major key concern of the process analytics market is the lack of skilled workers issues in the growth of the market. As these required a highly skilled set of knowledge to process each and every data with the correct information and analysis,
  • Increasing awareness for analyzing business process will lead to enhance the targeted result which increase the number of organization to adopt process analytics.

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Global Process Analytics Market: Regional Overview

  • Asia-Pacific:

In the Asia-Pacific region, India has taken an initiative for the growth and development of small and medium sized business with the Make in India program. Whereas, the region has substantial penetration for the technologies such as cloud computing and data analytics. Hence, more than 75% of China is registered enterprise is being small and medium enterprise which will enhance the economic growth as per the Center for Global Development.

  • Europe

As per the European Commission, the EU digital strategy is aims to increase the citizens and businesses to target its digital platform growth. The European Technology Platforms (ETPs) helps to develop and innovation for the EU as well as for the national level for the growth of both private and public funding. As well as Germany is one of the world leading country in technology and engineering sector.

Hence, region is one of the major player in the growth of technology market, which will lead to enhance the growth of the process analytics market.

Global Process Analytics Market: Key Players Overview

  • Celonis:

The company is one of the major provider Enterprise Performance Acceleration software, harnessing the power of Process Mining technology to boost the organization efficiency and productivity. As per the Celonis, the process analytics is a new kind of analytics which help the user to perform task in a better way as well as show how the process are performing. In 2018, the company has increase the innovation in process mining technology with the patented advances which will lead to enhance the speed of core process mining algorithms.


KOFAX INC provides automation software, process management, robotic process automation, mobility and e-signature. The company intelligence automation software help the industries to decrease the work error, enhance customer engagement and business processes.   Whereas, the process intelligence is the analytics of the operating data for get real-time visibility for the growth and development of the business process. In 2019, the company has introduced Intelligent Automation Software Platform and Marketplace to boost work efficiency for the hyper connected business.

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