Rise In Demand For Plant Based Protein Is Driving The Oryzenin Market Growth

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Global Oryzenin Market: Key Highlights

  • According to the new market research report Oryzenin Market by Type (Concentrate, Isolate and Hydrolyzed), by Form (Liquid and Powder), by Application (Food & Beverages, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals), by Region (Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa, South America, North America) – Global Forecast (2020 to 2027)”, the global oryzenin market is estimated to reach over USD 350 Million by 2027 at a CAGR of over 13.0% within the forecast period.
  • Growing focus towards adoption of healthy lifestyle among the population is driving the growth of oryzenin market
  • Shifting consumer preference towards plant based proteins, as an alternative to meat based food products is expected to fuel the market growth
  • Availability of substitutes such as soy protein, pea protein and whey protein is hampering the growth of this market

Oryzenin Market

Global Oryzenin Market: Key Market Dynamics

  • Growing prevalence of lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc. resulting into higher inclination towards healthy food choices, which is expected to drive the market growth
  • Owing to rising environmental and ethical impact of animal farming is resulting into veganism and vegetarianism. With growing adoption of flexitarian diet, the demand for plant derived food product and ingredients are increasing, which further drags the demand for oryzenin
  • Soy protein, whey protein and pea protein is gaining higher popularity owing to higher absorption with complete amino acid profile. These proteins emerged as alternative to the rice protein, thus hindering the overall market growth of oryzenin
  • Emergence of the organic rice protein, a safer and eco-friendly rice protein is expected to introduce new growth avenues for the oryzenin demand
  • Lack of penetration of the rice protein when compared to other plant based protein such as soy and pea protein is acting as the major challenge for the market growth

Global Oryzenin Market: Regional Overview

  • Asia-Pacific

Asia-Pacific oryzenin market is the promising region owing to higher appetite for the plant based products. With growing population, increasing geriatric population, higher prevalence of lifestyle related diseases is driving the demand for plant based proteins. Additionally, rise in adoption of flexitarian diet with ongoing trend of consuming protein rich diet owing to rising health and wellness trend is pushing the market growth higher.

  • Europe

In European countries, staple food includes higher quantity of meat and is considered as the prime source of protein since ages. However, the drawbacks of excessive meat consumption leading to health risks is shifting towards demand for plant based meat substitutes. As per the regional surveys, 27% of the European population focus towards reducing meat consumption, resulting in higher demand for meat substitutes. Implementation of new guidelines in the UK, France, the Netherlands and Sweden to minimize the meat consumption is further favoring the growth of this market

Global Oryzenin Market: Key Players Overview

  • Axiom Foods

Axiom Foods is the manufacturers and supplier for the proteins, diary alternatives, sugars and syrups and starches obtained from natural sources. In proteins, the company offers pea protein, brown rice protein, hemp protein, Sacha Inchi protein derived through chemical free and allergen free methods. It offers rice protein under the trade name Oryzatein rice protein dedicated for increasing muscle mass, physical strength and for decreasing fat to muscle ratio.

 In February 2018, the company received ‘Method Of Use’ patent (U.S. Patent No. 9,820,504 for the Oryzatein rice protein.

  • Kerry Group PLC:

Kerry Group PLC is the Ireland based company offers food and food ingredients globally. It operates through taste and nutrition and consumer food business segment. The company delivers nutritional and functional ingredients, media supplements under its taste and nutrition business segment. On the other hand, the consumer foods segment is operated through different brands such as Denny, Richmond, Dairygold, Roll Over, LowLow and many more. In January 2018, The company Kerry introduced ProDiem, a plant based protein includes pea protein and rice protein to be used in beverages.

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