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Global High Pressure Processing Equipment Market: Key Highlights

  • According to the new market research report High Pressure Processing Equipment Market by Type (Vertical, Horizontal), By Application (Vegetables & Fruits, Meat & Sea Products, Dips, Sauces & Salsa, Infant Food, Dairy Products, Beverages and Others), by Region (North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, South America) – Global Forecast (2019 to 2027)”, the market is estimated to grow at a CAGR 10.1% and surpass the value of USD 727.9 Million by 2027
  • High pressure processing equipment is used for food preservation through inactivating microbial growth by applying high pressure (58,000 – 87,000psi) for five to ten minutes.
  • High pressure processing extends the product life without affecting nutritional quality, taste, texture, flavor and color of the products.

High Pressure Processing Equipment Market

Global High Pressure Processing Equipment Market: Key Market Dynamics

  • Increasing shift towards ready-to-eat food products with minimal processing to preserve the nutrition is driving the market growth.
  • Higher awareness among the consumers regarding safe and clean food ingredients, which are free from toxic chemicals and substances is pushing higher preference towards HPP technology. This, further fuels the adoption of HPP equipment.
  • The growth of HPP equipment is expected to hampered owing to high installation and maintenance cost of HPP equipment.
  • Increasing investment to promote adoption of HPP technology globally, is acting as growth opportunity for the HPP equipment market.
  • Higher Usage of Thermal Food Processing Technique by the food manufacturers is challenging the market growth.

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Global High Pressure Processing Equipment Market: Regional Overview

  • North America

Increasing consumer preference of minimally processed food products for consumption of nutrient rich food is driving the demand for HPP technology. For instance, as per American Institute for Cancer Research, 30.2% of the total food intake encompasses of unprocessed or minimally processed foods containing active nutrients. Growing awareness regarding loss of essential nutrient while processing of ultra-processed food in US is generating higher demand for alternative food processing solutions.

  • Asia-Pacific

Asia-Pacific is the emerging market for the HPP equipment market owing to prominent economies such as China & India with rising disposable income, changing consumer patterns and preferences especially millennial population towards healthy and minimally processed food products. Middle class population in the Indonesia is growing at a rapid scale, as per the World bank, 52 million (20%) of the total Indonesian population comes under middle class population contributing for 43% of total household consumption. In addition to this, increasing higher voluntary spending capacity towards nutrient dense food products, is acting as driving force for the growth of HPP equipment market.

Global High Pressure Processing Equipment Market: Key Players Overview

  • Hiperberic:

Hiperbaric designs, manufactures and markets the high pressure processing equipment within the food processing industry. The company has strong foothold in the Europe, North America, Latin and central America, Asia and Africa for providing the HPP equipment in processing of meat, fish and seafood, along with fruit and vegetables, juices and beverages, dairy products. Products range for HPP equipment includes HIPERBARIC 55, HIPERBARIC 135, HIPERBARIC 300, HIPERBARIC 420, HIPERBARIC 525, and HIPERBARIC 525 and 1050 bulk.

  • Avure Technologies Inc.:

Avure Technologies Inc. operates worldwide through manufacturing and installation of HPP equipment. The product portfolio is inclusive of AV-40X Expandable to 70X, AV-20M Expandable to 40M, AV-10 and AV-S for maintaining shelf-life, taste of fruits, vegetables, seafoods, ready-to-eat meals. In February 2017, technology solution provider, JBT technologies acquired Avure Technologies, Inc. at a purchase price of USD 57 million with the aim of expanding adoption of HPP in the protein and beverages.

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