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Global Fly Ash Market: Key Highlights

  • According to the new market research report Fly Ash Market by Class (Class F and Class C) by Application (Cement Industry, Agriculture, and Chemical Industry) by Region (Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, South America) – Global Forecast From 2020 To 2025”, the global fly ash market is estimated to reach USD XX.X Billion in 2025 at a CAGR of XX.X% during forecast period 2020-2025.
  • The fly ash market is mainly attributed to growing construction and infrastructure activities, low cost and easy availability, and increasing government initiatives towards the utilization of industrial by-products.
  • However, the disadvantages of fly ash usage are the major barrier towards the growth of the fly ash market.

Fly Ash Market

Global Fly Ash Market: Key Market Dynamics

  • Increasing demand from ongoing construction activities in the emerging countries, resulting in higher demand for fly ash to manufacture concrete, bricks and other construction materials is the major driving factor behind the growth of the market. 
  • Increasing government initiatives towards the utilization of industrial by-products are projected to drive the market growth further in the years to follow.
  • Ease availability of coal which is the only raw material used to manufacture the fly ash and the low production cost are expected to push the market growth uphill.
  • There are some disadvantages of the use of fly ash which includes lower strength gain, longer setting time, and seasonal limitations which hinders the market growth near future.

Global Fly Ash Market: Regional Overview

  • Asia-Pacific

In the Asia-Pacific region, growing population, industrial growth, andcontinuous improvement in economicsare the factors to the development of new infrastructure and construction activities. The increasing infrastructure activity in China, India, and Malaysia is contributing to the growth of the Asia Pacific Fly Ash market.

India is the fastest-growing fly ash market in the Asia Pacific region, attributed to government expenditures to the development of the roads and bridges and similar other infrastructure activities. Foreign investments and private-public partnerships are the emerging trends which are projected to boost the fly ash market growth in the country during the forecasted period.

  • North America           

North America represents stable growth for cement market, attributed to demand for construction of skyscrapers, industrial complex, renovation and reconstruction trends. US construction sector contributes to more than 4% of GDP. The demand for concrete and cement is increasing in residential as well as commercial sectors. In U.S. more than half of the concrete is produced by using fly ash in some quantity as a substitute for traditional cement.

Global Fly Ash Market: Key Players Overview

  • Boral:

Boral is an international building and construction materials group, headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of construction materials, cement, plasterboard, cladding and roof tiles with a wide presence in Asia, North America and the Middle East region. In 2018, Boral acquired Carbon Burn-Out technology developed by PMI Ash Technologies, LLC. (US) This technology helps to improve the quality of fly ash in the coal-powered power plant.

  • Charah Solutions, Inc.:

Charah Solution, Inc. offers maintenance and mission-critical environmental services to the power generation industry. The company serves more than 50 coal-fired and nuclear power generation sites across the globe. The company’s environmental segment includes remediation & compliance srvices, and by-product sales. In 2018, the company acquired  SCB International, Inc. (US) to develop and deploy innovative technologies for including fly ash mineral grinding and beneficiation technologies such as beneficiation of fly ash for sale to concrete producers, processing kiln dust to remove mercury for emissions regulations, compliance and grinding granulated blast furnace slag (GBFS) and pozzolan for sale to concrete producers.

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