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Global Aircraft Fairing Market: Key Highlights

  • According to the new market research report “Aircraft Fairing Market by Product (FTF, Leading Edge Flaps, Pylon Fairing, Wing to Body Fairing, Aileron and Spoilers), by Materials Type (Aluminum, Steel, Titanium and Alloy ), by Application (Aircraft flight control surfaces, Flight Deck, Fuselage, Undercarriage, and Aircraft Noise), by End-User (Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Aftermarket), by Region (Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, South America) – Global Forecast (2018 to 2025)”, the global Aircraft Fairing market is estimated to reach USD 2.3 Billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 7.7% during forecast period 2018-2025.
  • Growing demand for the automated generic parameter and boost the market while reducing the time spent on initial designing and obtain a result with lesser effort. These factors are expected to drive the aircraft fairing market during the forecast period.
  • However, complexity for maintenance in aircraft fairing platforms is a problem that arises suddenly and not scheduled expected to hinder the growth of the market during the forecast period.

Aircraft Fairing Market

Global Aircraft Fairing Market: Key Market Dynamics

  • Rising demand for aircraft transmission is expected to improve with increase in air passenger traffic globally, the demand for new deliveries has increased in past years which is expected to surge the aircraft fairing market during the forecast period.
  • Growing demand for automated generic parameters anticipated that the time spend on initial design is reduced and obtained with lesser effort.
  • Rising demand for 3D printing in aircraft fairing platforms is expected to boost the 3D printing market with greater efficiency and reduction in cost.
  • Complexity in maintenance problem arises with sudden and unscheduled which can be problems for operates issue can impact the growth of the market during the forecast period.

Global Aircraft Fairing Market: Regional Overview

  • Asia-Pacific

Aircraft Fairing market is anticipated to grow significantly in the Asia-Pacific region. Asia remains the manufacturing center of the world and revenues from the transporting of goods are a significant proportion of sales for many of the region's airlines. The demand for cargo volume and a rise in trade is moderate. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecast that the global airline industry will increase in recovery in air cargo and world trade expected to be USD 6 billion net in 2020 for a 2.2% net margin.

  • North America

Airlines in North America region continue to the leading on financial performance accounting for about 65% of industry profits in 2019 and around 56% of aggregate earnings in 2020. North America is one of the promising region in the aviation sector.  In 2019, profitability in this region is increased, with net profit of USD 16.9 million with a net margin of 6% in 2019. According to The International Air Transport Association (IATA), in 2020 the airline industry revenue in North America is anticipated to reduce due to the slower economical condition and significant increase in aircraft delivery.

Global Aircraft Fairing Market: Key Players Overview

  • The NORDAM Group LLC:

NORDAM is one of the world's largest private aerospace companies. The company provides aerospace components manufacturing and repair services. The Company custom cabinetry, flight control surface, exhaust components, airframes, integrated interiors, and composite structures. NORDAM Group serves clients worldwide. The company manufactures, overhauls, and repairs an array of the airframe and engine parts.

  • Malibu Aerospace LLC.:

Malibu Aerospace serves the aircraft industry by providing services in maintenance, design, engineering, troubleshooting. The company consistently develop new technology and product which improve the quality and safety of aircraft. Moreover, Malibu for aerospace increases the quality of performance, efficiency, and safety.

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