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Global Adhesives and Sealants Market: Key Highlights

  • According to the new market research report Adhesives and Sealants Market by Source (Natural, Synthetic) by Resin (Polyurethane, Acrylic, Epoxy, Polyvinyl Adhesives) by Adhesive Type (Reactive Adhesives, Non-Reactive Adhesive) by Application (Automotive and Transportation, Packaging, Construction, Furniture and Wood Related Products) by Region (Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, South America) – Global Forecast From 2020 To 2025”, the global adhesives and sealants market is estimated to reach USD 64.4 Billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 4.8% during forecast period 2020-2025.
  • The adhesives and sealants market is gaining momentum owing to increasing demand from key contributing end-user industries such as construction and automotive.
  • However, regulation imposed on VOC emission in developing and developed nations is expected to restrain the market during the forecast period. 

Adhesives and Sealants Market

Global Adhesives and Sealants Market: Key Market Dynamics

  • The adhesives and sealants market is growing at a sustainable pace owing to soaring demand from automotive and construction sector. Growing global population resulting into higher purchasing power, increasing demand for commercial and residential projects with betterment in living standards is boosting the market demand in automotive and construction sector.
  • Escalating packaging industry is fueling the growth of the adhesives and sealants market. Increasing demand for sustainable packaging materials with higher inclination towards innovative packaging solutions is anticipated to push the market growth uphill.
  • On the contrary, the environmental regulation imposed on the VOC emissions by the regulatory authorities is expected to impact the global market growth negatively.
  • Nevertheless, emergence of bio-based adhesives and sealants, which is an ecofriendly choice to the conventional adhesives and sealants, is projected to drive the market growth further in the years to follow.
  • The market faces challenges regarding the inconsistent demand and supply of the raw materials, which escalates the cost of raw materials.

Global Adhesives and Sealants Market: Regional Overview

  • Asia-Pacific

The Asia-Pacific adhesives and sealants market is growing owing to the growing construction projects in the region. Increasing demand for residential projects owing to presence of highly populated countries such as China, India, among others, is driving the market demand in the Asia Pacific region.  Ongoing urbanization, favorable government support to boost infrastructure is another factor pushing the regional market growth. In addition to this, rise in automotive industry in the emerging market of Asia Pacific is further pushing the market growth higher in the region.

  • Europe

In Europe, the market is experiencing boom owing to increasing demand for automotive and transportation, and construction sector. The European market is growing at remarkable pace owing to higher demand from Germany, followed by UK and France. As per the data shared by the FEICA report, the demand for adhesives and sealants is over 15% in Germany and over 8% in UK and France, which is likely to boost the market growth in the Europe.

Global Adhesives and Sealants Market: Key Players Overview

  • H.B. Fuller Company:

H.B. Fuller Company is the US based company operates globally through manufacturing adhesives. The company provides the adhesives used in the electronics, automotive and transportation, medical and other industries. The company is actively involved in boosting its specialty and high value application of the adhesive, sealants and specialty chemicals. In 2017, H.B. Fuller acquired Royal Adhesives & Sealants for USD 1.575 Billion in order to expand the existing product range engaged in engineering, durable assembly and construction.

  • Sika AG:

Switzerland based Sika AG offers range of products used in the construction and automotive sector. The company offers architectural sealants, roadway joint sealants, control joint sealants, multipurpose construction adhesives, anchoring adhesives, flooring adhesives, etc. The company focuses on expanding its geographic presence through collaboration and merger activities. In 2019, the company Sika AG acquired Crevo-Hengxin, a China based company in an undisclosed amount to expand its foothold in China and rest of Asia-Pacific region, along with gaining silicone technology and production capabilities.

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