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Forencis Research has verified research solutions to serve clients with verified strategies in order to enhance their capability to detect and capitalize on megatrends and future growth areas. We strive to help our clients to foray into uncharted space to attain increased revenue growth for the present as well as future. We triangulate our research data with Primary Research, Secondary Research, and Internal Data Pool to put forward verified insights around any product or market

Innovating Your Revenue Growth

Growth Consulting

Growth consulting is aimed at enabling companies to achieve sustained and profitable revenue growth. We help companies to strengthen their primary business needs with providing them with enhanced adjacencies to outgrow their growth and improve their operations.

Market Entry Strategy

Be it mature or upcoming markets, we help companies to have a holistic view of the target market by putting forward exact market data and projections. This helps companies to retain their primary focus on product enhancement in order to fulfill the target market needs.

Competitive Landscape

We help companies to identify direct and indirect competitors to identify their strengths, weaknesses and evolving market needs. Our Research and intelligence team helps companies to identify competitor behavior, enabling them to get ahead one step ahead in the market.

Customer Analysis

We identify customer analysis as a critical component of any business, as it defines your target market. We help organisations to overcome their competition in customer identification and acquisition by providing niche data driven insights.

Supply Chain Intelligence

We help organisations to attain increased supply chain efficiency by proving them deep data driven insights. Be it raw material manufacturer, supplier, OEM to distributors, everyone is tracked and mapped to present their exact integration.

Product/Market Intelligence

Be it a product at a nascent or mature stage, we deliver all round research and intelligence around the entire product life cycle to help companies gain reliable and proven insights.

Pricing Intelligence

Our seasoned research analysts are trained especially to deliver, detailed and exact pricing intelligence to help companies reduce negative impact on their business.

Vendor Analysis

We help companies to identify current and prospective vendors to achieve increased operational efficiency and relative profit growth.


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