Aquafeed Market by Additives (Minerals, Vitamins, Antioxidants), by Ingredients (Soybean, Corn), by Form (Wet, Dry), by Lifecycle (Grower Feed, Finisher Feed), by Application (Fish, Mollusks), by Region (North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, South America) – Global Forecast (2020 to 2027)

Aquafeed Market - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2020 to 2027

Aquafeed Market: Summary

The Global Aquafeed Market is projected to reach a value of over USD 79.4 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of around 6.7%.

Aquafeeds are meals prepared for aquatic animals by mixing raw materials and additives. These blends are prepared according to the specific requirementsof the species and age of the animal. Nutritional, immune resistant, and growth-promoting properties of aquafeed haveincreased its importance in the aquaculture industry. High-quality aquafeed is exponentially more beneficial to fish, molluscs, crustaceans & other aquatic animals than farm-made feed due to their balanced and need specific composition.

Aquafeed Market

Aquafeed Market: Drivers & Challenges

Market Driver:

  • Growing Aquaculture Industry

Growth in the aquaculture industry has expected to boost the demand for the aquafeed market during the forecasted period. This is attributed to the increased production of food for human consumption, the opening of commercially viable business opportunities, increased national exports, and need for substitution of imports by local production. According to the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, in 2018, total global capture fisheries production reached the highest level ever recorded at 96.4 million tones.

Market Restraint:

  • Regulatory Framework & Interference

Global development of aquaculture has resulted in increasing concerns about the environmental impact which may hinder the growth of the aquafeed market. Environmental degradation from aquaculture has been reported and negatively affected which includes organic population and eutrophication, a buildup of excess nutrients and waste in the ecosystem. Thus, to control this impact and maintain the supply of aquafeed, governments have imposed various regulations. For instance, under the Fisheries Act, B.E. 2558 (2015), Department of Fisheries is authorized to address aquaculture sustainability, including food safety, animal health and welfare, environmental integrity, social and community welfare and regulation of fishing activities.

Aquafeed Market: Key Segments

  • Segmentation based onadditives: Minerals, Vitamins, Antioxidants,Enzymes, Amino Acid, Acidifiers,andOthers.
  • Segmentation based on application: Fish, Mollusks, Crustaceans, and Others.
  • Segmentation based on region covers: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa and South America with individual country-level analysis.

Aquafeed Market: Report Scope

The report on the aquafeed market covers a deep dive analysis of historic, recent and current market trends. Furthermore, market share/ranking analysis of key players, market dynamics, competition landscape, country-wise analysis for each region covered and the entire supply chain dynamics are covered through the below segmentation.

Report Features


Historical/Estimated/Forecasted Market Size Years


Base Year for Market Calculation


Forecasted Period

2021-2027 (2021 estimated year, forecasted up to 2027)

Measured Units

Value (USD Million), Volume (Tons)

Segments Included

Additives, Ingredients, Form, Lifecycle Application, and Region

Regional Coverage

North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa, South America

Key Companies Covered

  • ADM Animal Nutrition (Company Description, Company Overview, Product Synopsis, Key Developments, SWOT Analysis)
  • Ridley Corporation Limited
  • Cargill, Incorporated
  • Nutreco N.V.
  • Alltech
  • Purina Animal Nutrition LLC
  • Hatch Accelerator Holding Limited
  • Aller Aqua Group
  • Norel Animal Nutrition
  • Avanti Feeds Ltd.
  • DE HEUS.
  • Biostadt India Limited
  • Sonac
  • Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Tbk
  • Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL
  • Growel Feeds
  • Kent Nutrition Group
  • Marvesa
  • Other Key Companies

Aquafeed Market: Report Segmentation

For the scope of the report, In-depth segmentation is offered by Forencis Research

Aquafeed Market, by Additives

  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Antioxidants
  • Enzymes
  • Amino Acid
  • Acidifiers
  • Others

Aquafeed Market, by Ingredients

  • Soybean
  • Soybean Meal
  • Soy Oil
  • Soy Lecithin
  • Corn
  • Fish Meal
  • Fish Oil
  • Others

Aquafeed Market, by Form

  • Wet
  • Moist
  • Dry

Aquafeed Market, by Lifecycle

  • Grower Feed
  • Finisher Feed
  • Starter Feed
  • Brooder Feed

Aquafeed Market, by Application

  • Fish
  • Crap
  • Tilapia
  • Catfish
  • Salmon
  • Others
  • Meat Substitute
  • Oyster
  • Mussel
  • Others
  • Crustaceans
  • Shrimp
  • Crap
  • Others
  • Others

Aquafeed Market, by Region

  • North America
    • US
    • Canada
    • Mexico
  • Asia-Pacific
    • China
    • India
    • Japan
    • South Korea
    • Rest of Asia-Pacific
  • Europe
    • Germany
    • UK
    • France
    • Italy
    • Rest of Europe
  • Middle East & Africa
    • Saudi Arabia
    • UAE
    • Rest of Middle East & Africa
  • South America
    • Brazil
    • Argentina
    • Rest of South America

Key Questions Answered By The Report

  • What are the prominent developments affecting the market worldwide and its growth?
  • What will be the impact of the developments in the market on the industry and on the market players in the future?
  • What are the evolving variations of the market globally?
  • What are the evolving functions of the market globally?
  • What are the prominent aspects that will affect market growth globally during the study period?
  • Who are the key players operating in the market across the globe?
  • How are the key players leveraging in the present market scenario worldwide?

Report Audience

  • Aquafeed Market Providers
  • Aquafeed Market Solution and Services Suppliers, Distributors and Dealers
  • End-Users of Varied Segments of Aquafeed Market
  • Government Bodies and Intellectual Institutions
  • Associations and Industrial Organizations
  • Research & Consulting Service Providers
  • Research & Development Organizations
  • Investment Banks & Private Equity Firms


    1. Research Objectives
    2. Market Definition
    3. Research Scope
    4. Regional Coverage
    5. Research Timeline
    6. Assumptions
    7. Limitations
    1. Introduction
    2. Primary Research
      1. Key Industry Expert Insight
    3. Secondary Research
      1. Vital Data from Secondary Sources
    4. Market Size Estimation
    5. Data Validation & Triangulation
    1. Introduction
    2. Drivers
      1. Growing Aquaculture Industry
      2. Increasing direct human consumption (DHC) of fish and fish products
    3. Restraint
      1. Regulatory Framework & Interference
      2. Increasing Cost of Raw Materials
    4. Opportunities
      1. Development of innovative products as a source of protein
    5. Challenges
      1. Growing Human Health Concerns
    1. Introduction
      1. Power of Buyers
      2. Power of Suppliers
      3. Intensity of Competition
      4. Challenges of Substitutes
      5. Challenges of New Entrants
    2. Macro-Economic Indicators
  6. GLOBAL AQUAFEED MARKET BY ADDITIVES, Market Size in USD Million & Volume in Tons (2019-2027)
    1. Introduction
    2. Minerals
    3. Vitamins
    4. Antioxidants
    5. Enzymes
    6. Amino Acid
    7. Acidifiers
    8. Others
  7. GLOBAL AQUAFEED MARKET BY INGREDIENTS, Market Size in USD Million & Volume in Tons (2019-2027)
    1. Introduction
    2. Soybean
      1. Soybean Meal
      2. Soy Oil
      3. Soy Lecithin
    3. Corn
    4. Fish Meal
    5. Fish Oil
    6. Others
  8. GLOBAL AQUAFEED MARKET BY FORM, Market Size in USD Million & Volume in Tons (2019-2027)
    1. Introduction
    2. Dry
    3. Moist
    4. Wet
  9. GLOBAL AQUAFEED MARKET BY LIFECYCLE, Market Size in USD Million & Volume in Tons (2019-2027)
    1. Introduction
    2. Grower Feed
    3. Finisher Feed
    4. Starter Feed
    5. Brooder Feed
  11. GLOBAL AQUAFEED MARKET BY APPLICATION, Market Size in USD Million & Volume in Tons (2019-2027)
    1. Introduction
    2. Fish
      1. Crap
      2. Tilapia
      3. Catfish
      4. Salmon
      5. Others
    3. Mollusks
      1. Oyster
      2. Mussel
      3. Others
    4. Crustaceans
      1. Shrimp
      2. Crap
      3. Others
    5. Others
  12. GLOBAL AQUAFEED MARKET BY REGION, Market Size in USD Million & Volume in Tons (2019-2027)
    1. North America
      1. US
      2. Canada
      3. Mexico
    2. Europe
      1. Germany
      2. France
      3. Italy
      4. UK
      5. Russia
      6. Rest of Europe
    3. Asia-Pacific
      1. China
      2. India
      3. Japan
      4. South Korea
      5. Rest of Asia-Pacific
    4. Middle East and Africa
      1. Saudi Arabia
      2. UAE
      3. Rest of Middle East and Africa
    5. South America
      1. Brazil
      2. Argentina
      3. Rest of South America
    1. Introduction
    2. Market Ranking/Share Analysis of Key Companies
    3. Company Benchmarking
    1. ADM Animal Nutrition
      1. Company Overview
      2. Financial Overview
      3. Products/Solutions/Services Offered
      4. Key Developments
    2. Ridley Corporation Limited
    3. Cargill, Incorporated
    4. Nutreco N.V.
    5. Alltech
    6. Purina Animal Nutrition LLC
    7. Hatch Accelerator Holding Limited
    8. Aller Aqua Group
    9. BIOMIN
    10. Norel Animal Nutrition
    11. Avanti Feeds Ltd.
    12. DE HEUS.
    13. Biostadt India Limited
    14. BENEO
    15. Sonac
    16. Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Tbk
    17. Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL
    18. Growel Feeds
    19. Kent Nutrition Group
    20. Marvesa
    21. Other Key Companies
    1. Key Industry Expert Insights
    2. Primary Discussion Guide
    3. Customization Options

Note1: Tentative table of contents, may get updated during the course of research.

Note2: Company financial information is subject to availability in public domain


Rep Id : AG 031

Published : July, 2020

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